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Katie Takemoto

Katie Takemoto is a distinguished Chapman University graduate with

a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Marketing Emphasis and a valuable Graphic Design Minor. Her academic journey reflects a harmonious blend of business acumen and creative prowess, positioning her as a versatile professional ready to make impactful contributions.

An unwavering passion for the arts has been the cornerstone of Katie's journey. From mastering traditional art at the tender age

of 6 to discovering her fascination for makeup artistry, she has consistently channeled her creativity into diverse forms of expression. Transforming faces into canvases, she found a unique way to merge her artistic instincts with a love for aesthetics. These multifaceted

skills seamlessly converge in her graphic design work, showcasing

a dynamic and innovative approach.

Katie's ambition is to leverage her rich tapestry of skills to elevate brands and create compelling narratives. With a foundation in marketing strategy and an eye for design, she aspires to contribute her unique blend of talents to projects that demand analytical thinking and creative flair. Moving forward, she is eager to continue pushing the boundaries of her capabilities, infusing each endeavor with a passion for artistry and a commitment to excellence.

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